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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Why would i believe cadillacs "claims" Bmw came in over weight, i doubt the cadillac ends up being the same weight they are forecasting
Well, you can believe anything you want to. The point was that Cadillac is trying to develop the new ATS as a competitor to the 3 series and other cars in its class such as the A4, C350, etc. According to all the stuff posted on the Cadillac boards, their engineers chose the E46 as the benchmark to try to emulate regarding handling, etc. One of the things that everyone said was, "oh yeah, this is a Caddy and will be a whale". Apparently, their engineers took this to heart and knocked themselves out trying to get the pounds out of the car and to keep the weight distro around 50/50. They spent a lot of time on suspension tuning and seem to have had some success as the car ran very well in testing at the Nordschleife Ring.
We'll see how well the ATS does in "real world" comparisons, including weights and measures, but this seems to be a very serious effort on the part of Cadillac to get into this segment. This is not some rebadged Malibu.