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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I hesitate to trust the information in this database.

Can we verify the consistency that specs of past pre-production vehicles in this database have accurately predicted the specs of their production counterparts? That would demonstrate its reliability. Specifically, I refer to specs of not-yet-in-production engines.

If, for example, this database had (or has) confirmed the 300hp N54 powered E90 335i or 414hp S65-powered E92 M3 before that information was anywhere close to public then I would be more inclined to temper my skepticism.
This is a valid argument. If you saw my original posts, I only dumped data and didn't try to make any claims, since I had the same concerns.

But here's some evidence that may add some confidence.

This, I believe, is the first E92 M3 ever built:

Type code WD91
Type M3 (EUR)
E series E92 (M3)
Series 3
Steering LL
Doors 2
Engine S65
Displacement 4.00
Power 309
Drive HECK
Transmission MECH
Colour SCHWARZ 2 (668)
Upholstery LEDER NOVILLO/SCHWARZ (NCSW) 2006-07-11

(SOP for this model was June 2007.)

And this is the first 335i (an E92).

VIN WBAWB71020PG13000
Type code WB71
Type 335I (EUR)
E series E92 ()
Series 3
Steering LL
Doors 2
Engine N54
Displacement 3.00
Power 225
Drive HECK
Transmission MECH
Upholstery LEDER DAKOTA/SCHWARZ (LCSW) 2005-11-14

(SOP for this model was June 2006.)
We know BMW will be releasing the first member of the new engine family - the three cylinder B38 - soon. The I4 and I6 should be coming shortly thereafter. Logically, all of these engine are being tested in vehicles today. And Given the shear number of prerelease BMWs seen testing in the wild, I should think that somewhere in all that data we could dig up some vehicles with all sorts of new and interesting details of upcoming engines. If that is, such information really is out there.

How bout it? Can we pull some info on the 1GTs, 3GTs, X4s, F2x 2s, and 4GCs running around out there? Or at least an F15 X5. Or surely an F10 LCI at least (N63Tu 550i coming? 320hp 540i coming?).
I'm working on it.

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