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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
That would be beyond surprising since the ~450hp version just debuted last year. It also seems unnecessary since, like I said, they are already best in class now.
Not to mention, they are mainly sold in US. Why the eff do you want 450hp car in US? Give us 180 hp diesel with MT across the models line - and even that is way overpowered to drive in US.

Track hounds have all the ///M cars they can afford, but regular traffic? 450+ hp? Give me a break!

EDIT: yes, buying E92 N55 car to drive here was total insanity (and stupidity, with hindsight). I would not do it again if I could get back in the past.
EDIT2: Yes, I do track my car without mercy. That doesn't solve the problem of the the remaining 99.9% miles on that car's ODO.

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