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Originally Posted by dreamspeed View Post
The cynic in me says implementing all these "lines" is just another ploy to make more money from their options.

If you want certain options you have to get certain lines and by getting a specific line you are probably getting 2 things you want and 4 things you don't.

And how many times have we added an option and seen the pop window that says "by adding X option you must also add Y option?"
I like what Audi does with Premium, Plus, and Prestige packages - at least they don't conflict with each other. I also like how Audi has a S-variant for every model. That's what BMW should do, instead of making M-Sport just a package (I don't compare Audi S-line to the BMW M3/M5/M6). Like, make a 435i M-Sport with the Luxury package which implies every available option.

I know those of us who frequent the forum can figure out what the lines mean - but if I was brand new to BMW I'd be like WTF.