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Originally Posted by zibbit View Post
Congrats on your purchase val3ncia.

As a little update, I've been having issue with the PDC system going haywire, and a intermittent Camera System failure code.. Dealer updated all the software on the car.. Fingers crossed that hopefully it fixed the issue.

Also, the car developed a pretty severe growl emanating from the drivetrain.. Turns out my rear differential decided to leave the party early. So the dealer has one on order.

I still love the car tho
Sorry to hear about the troubles. They did the full CPO inspection on my car before purchase, so I am going to assume the differential is ok - but will have it looked at when i first bring it in for service here in the US.

These are all good reasons for why I am going to purchase the extended warranty here in the US (Canadian CPO will not transfer to US so it is not being sold w/ one)

can you send a pic of your car? curious to see pics of the color out in the wild...