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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
LL01 is a defunct spec so they could not get a new cert with the reformulation of 0w40FS. It appears they simply took an existing oil, which has the cert, from another market and brought it to the US.

Basically it's not a new oil but new to the US.

M1 doesn't have to play catch up.

Bad timing for BMW because they had to jump to LL01fe for reliability and compatiblity with US gas and then on to 0w20 for CAFE created this weird market for BMW oils. Better that M1 just wait it out.

LL01FE is a dead cert as well.

Interestingly LL04 is still an active cert and was updated in 2018-'17 per Lubrizol.
The more I read the more Iím of the opinion ďto hell with the manufacturer approvals.Ē Itís a pain to keep track of as one day your oil of choice seems to have the approval, and by the time of your next OCI, it may have lost it. I think the main thing to look for is that the oil that Iím using meets ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4 specs since all LL01 oils that Iíve seen thus far seem to fall under that specification.

Iím doing my own ďtestingĒ if you will. I used Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w-40 and sent out a sample to Blackstone for analysis when I changed the oil; results were excellent. Iím currently running LiquiMoly Molygen of the same grade. I will be changing my oil next weekend and sending a sample of that out to Blackstone as well. I will be using Amsoil next. Whichever one of those three displays the best results is the one I will stick with.