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Alright, update on the MHD/JB4 saga.
I yanked the JB4 and reflashed back to stock via MHD, then flashed to the stage 2 E30 OTS map. (side note, man the wifi adapter makes that a breeze. Wish I had known it was an option when I first purchased MHD because it's only like 10 bucks more than the K+DCAN cable from bimmergeeks.

Here are the first 3 pulls at operating temp after the flash to the E30 map. Interested in your thoughts because my butt dyno didn't register much. Car felt like stock at 50% throttle from stoplight to stoplight when getting up to operating temp and WOT pulls weren't anything write home about.
Do the MHD OTS maps learn/adapt over time? Do I need to do some additional pulls to see additional gains?

Edit: Technically SC_B5X did reply to one of my earlier posts with a recommendation to purchase the wifi adapter instead and my dumbass didn't see it before I bought the cable.