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21/09/20 Truck Power socket

Ok, not exactly today's mod (happened late last month). But, I was mad that my car only had one power socket in the car. So I added the factory trunk power socket option.

Not very much of a writeup, but if you look at the pictures I'm sure you'll get the gist of what I was doing.

List of parts I used;
  • 12 ft of 16 gauge Red wire
  • 4 ft of 16 gauge Brown wire
  • 4 ft of 3/8" single wall shrink tube
  • 1x fuse box pin (BMW p/n 61-13-8-377-732, or VW p/n N-907-327-03)
  • 1x M6 brass ring terminal for 16-18 gauge wire
  • 1x Sumitomo 250.ARM-2S-1 connector and pins
  • 1x eBay find E92 BWM power socket assembly consisting of;
    • 1x Socket mount BMW p/n 51-47-6-964-057
    • 1x Socket holder BMW p/n 61-34-6-843-098
    • 1x Power socket BMW p/n 61-34-6-973-037

Power lead (red wire) goes from pin 162 of the rear fuse box to the center pin of the power socket. You have to remove the blue connector from the backside of the fuse box to be able to slide the BMW/VW pin into the appropriate spot.

Ground lead (brown wire) goes from the chassis ground almost immediately above the amplifier to the outer pin of the power socket. You'll see a group of 4 brown wires going to one stud on the inner fender liner; attach it there.. Hence why it's so much shorter than the power wire.

Un-heated 3/8" shrink tube was used to cover both leads between the power socket and the chassis ground providing abrasion resistance. After that, I secured the power lead using small zap straps to the existing harness. I left plenty of slack on the shrink tube section to make it easy to connect the wire harness to the power socket when the trunk liner wasn't fully installed.

Wire harness essentially chases the amplifier wiring to the trunk bulkhead, then continues down to the floor of the truck using the existing harnesses as a guide.

Hole in the trunk liner was cut using a new/sharp #11 Excel blade using a template I created. I'll add the template to the bottom of the post in case someone else needs it. Just print it full size on any printer and attach to the panel using masking tape.
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