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08/10/20 Mirror camera mounting

Originally Posted by aps View Post
interested to see these installed. first time i've seen the multi piece housing style swap to the M mirrors
Ask and you shall receive.

General disclaimer, I'll give you an idea what I did to mount the mirror cameras on in the new mirror covers.

Is it the only way to do it; No.
Is it the best way to do it; No.
Is it how I did it; Yes.

Do so at your own risk.

Doner parts:
RH lower housing (51-16-7-284-132)
LH lower housing (51-16-7-284-131)
F01 bumper camera mount (51-11-7-203-825)

For starters, the OEM lower mirror cover is ~2.5mm thick, and the aftermarket lower cover thickness is ~3.5mm thick. After studying both lower covers and how the factory cameras were basically wedged into place inside the mirror, there's not a lot needed to hold them into place.

I mean let's be real for a minute.. The front bumper cameras are essentially held into place with two-sided tape.

Ok, so how I did it; Coles notes version.

Carefully cut-off inboard camera mount along yellow dotted line. Using a very sharp knife cut the bracket away from the base is as flush as you can to the profile of the lower housing. Make absolutely sure you retain the aft edge where the pin steps. For the horizontal cut where the screw mount is, use something like a razor-saw to make the incision straight. Doing so made sure I had three alignment reference points. Now, you'll be left with a piece that looks like the lower picture.

Mark where the two pieces sit in relation to each other on the new lower housing. Apply an ABS/Acetone (25:75) glue or slurry to all contact edges of both parts. Join both parts and let them sit to cure for a few hours. Re-enforce the glue joints however you see fit (applying more slurry, using heat, anything basically).

Now comes the pass or fail point. Using how the factory mounted and angled the camera as a guide, you've got to figure out where the hole needs to be drilled through the lower cover. I did this using a the spare F01 bumper camera mount to provide a rough guide as to where the hole needed to be. Good luck. Final hole size is around 17.5mm (11/16") for a snug fit around the snout on the camera.

Cross your fingers you got it right.. mount the camera using the one lug you glued on. If the hole is in the correct spot, the camera essentially won't need a screw to hold it into place; but put one in anyways.

If you never screwed up too badly.. it's time for the fit test.

Before anyone asks what the alignment is like.. Not much worse than it was from factory lol

I'm pretty sure I could play with the alignment at a later date to get it perfect.. but for now:

"It's not just good.. it's good 'nuff for gov'n work."

That being said, I'll probably 3D scan everything, then CAD up a proper mounting solution in the near future. Stay tuned

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