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Dealer sold car with underside splitter damage

Dear all,

I'm based in the UK. 3 weeks ago I brought a BMW 340i M sport shadow edition with 20,000 on the clock.

Took it for a road trip the following week; on the way I had the mppsk fitted. During the road trip (and starting to drive with more gusto) I noticed the steering was loose, there was a whistling noise and the whole front end feels like its coming off the road.

As soon as I got back, I took the car to my local garage assuming it was the alignment/ camber- this was found to be way off and I have thankfully got a photo of this! They also kindly showed me the underside of the car, which revealed a badly damaged front splitter with the main screw missing.

The dealer have agreed to sorting out the tracking/ alignment, but are refusing to sort out the splitter; their initial excuse for not sorting it out was it's "wear and tear", however as this splitter is causing the instability at speed, I would argue this is a safety issue. They are now saying the screw was there when the car was sold and as such won't cover the cost of a new splitter (as the bodyshop is saying it's too damaged to be simply repaired).

They have said I can refuse the car, on the proviso I remove the mppsk, but know they have me bent over a barrel as getting the original exhausts put back on is going to be impossible and leave me 2k out of pocket.

All I want is a non-damaged car that drives safely and normally!! Does anyone have some ideas as to what I can do?

Many thanks.