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Originally Posted by kern417 View Post
it's just an additional radiator for engine cooling. find the leak and replace whatever was damaged. it won't be covered under warranty if you have one.
Hey, maybe you know this. I replaced the aux radiator and topped off the coolant. I want to make sure that I am using the correct process for bleeding the system. A video by Keis Motorsports for a 335i shows a process where the engine doesnít run. You put the car in accessory mode and hold down the gas pedal for 10 seconds. The car does its thing for 15 minutes, then you top it off again.

Another process I saw, that I think is specific to the B58, is similar in that you go into accessory mode, but you start the engine. The engine runs, and for a few cycles you are supposed to hold the gas to 3,500 RPM for 10 seconds, then back to 1,200RPM, for 30 seconds, then repeat a few times. Then it seems you just let it idle till itís done. It seems rather different, mainly because the engine is running.

Do you know the correct process for the B58? Basically, should the engine be running?