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Originally Posted by RMMAGA View Post
FYI recently had poor experience will BM3 support:

I have a issue with my custom tune that if I try to save any new changes, even I just modify one singe basic table value, the ECU is temporarily bricked, and I need to do a full unlock and flash back to an old file that I have not recently edited to recover it or the stock or OTS tune, it doesn't matter what file as I have 3 different custom tunes in my account, if I edit it, and save it, then it will never work again, even if I copy it, then the copy and save a known good file, it will also be bad after it is saved, when the original is OK, very strange

BM3 support does not want to help me solve the issue, I get the feeling they don't believe me, which is frustrating when you really having a issue you cannot solve

BM3 just wanted me to flash the OTS, when OTS was successful they said, well its not our problem as you can flash the OTS, I told them I can flash old map and stock map no issue so this is not surprising at all, so the only value that added to debugging my issue was for them to then turn around and tell me, yah OK that works, well then your on your own bud.

What I do not understand is how the heck could changing a single table value brick the ECU on different files, that means that they are not properly checking and defining the table in the editor, there is nothing I should be able to modify that could brick the ECU if they have the address mapping and ranging checking correct, also it makes no sense

I am on B48 and I think there is much less testing and dev on it so I am just waiting for the next release at this point and finger crossed it will be fixed, as that is about all I really can do at this point

looked at the Facebook group, but I cannot see how the Facebook page has anything useful for support, its more for marketing?
Of course you can brick stuff if you change things you donít know what and how they should be changed. Leave custom tuning to those that have experience as you can blow up your motor.