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Originally Posted by RMMAGA View Post
LOL and yes, if I blow my motor its all on me, to be honest if my end goal was not to blow up my motor, this issue may be the best thing that has happened to me, I am pushing 26 psi at the top end on my last maps, and you know you always want a little more and a little more and then, well, at some point, things tend to break ...

at the same time to be serious a lot of the custom tunes I see based on the logs posted, are not magic or unique, and some flawed IMHO, I am thinking to do a tutorial if people are interested as its really not as hard as some seem to think, also the B48 is the same ECU architecture and combustion chamber as B58, so it should the info should cross over

the way the community is currently run with people not sharing much info on how to do custom tunes is not really conducive to our collective learning and pushing the platform forward
+1 I would be interested in this tutorial