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Question Error 247500 - Rail Pressure too low at high revs and full throttle

I'm having a drive train error message om my F31 318d 2013.

Error Code 247500 - Rail Pressure Plausibility Quantity Controlled, Rail Pressure Too Low/ Positive control deviation.

Triggers under heavy acceleration beyond 3000 revs, happens every time apart from when the engine hasn't fully reached normal temperature.

When I check live data at full throttle above 3000 rpm the actual rail pressure deviates from the specified value,
The actual pressure is about 5-10% lower, only at full throttle and high revs.
This made me think it was the high pressure pump, I therefore changed the HPP but still the same error.
Also changed the rail pressure sensor, no luck.
Fuel filter changed and pre pressure is the same (3.9) no matter what.

Any ideas? Pressure regulator or a remap maybe?