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Originally Posted by utenigma View Post
The whole suspension setup is completely different on the front due to having to accommodate a front axel

Compare these images from a 335

to the 335x

The front stabilizer bar on the X is a little beefier than even the sport (normal=21.2mm, sport=22.2mm, x=22.5mm) but they're really close

On the rear, all the components are identical except the rear stabilizer, the standard and X suspension share the same 12mm stabilizer, where the sport gets a 13mm bar.

On the front and back all 3 types get different shocks, bump stops, and springs - the X carries the same ride height as the standard suspension, the sport is 10mm lower. X has slightly heavier springs than standard to deal with the additional weight, sport springs are heavier and shorter.

The story's the same with M adaptive suspension, different shocks, bump stops and springs - the adaptive on RWD is 10mm lower than standard (same as sport), where the adaptive on X is same ride height as std.
If I re-read all of this correctly, the only difference between a rwd 335i and a xdrive is just the suspension components and its 10mm lower than an xi?

I read the spec and weight is only 150 lbs.

In reality, those who have driven, is it about the same in sportiness. Seems BMW got serious and offered more sport on the xdrive than ever before?