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Originally Posted by Serenitygal3 View Post
Wow! Nice black tips! I've been desperately looking to get these done but didn't know how so I'm glad I saw your mods! Did you buy the black chrome tips through IND as well? How difficult was it to install? Ahhhh so excited to get mine done!!!
No, the black tips are from any BMW dealer. The P/N is shown on the first pic I posted. You need Qty 2. Install is fairly easy...they have metal tabs inside that act like springs to hold them tight, ending in pointed tips. Shoot some WD40 in from the back side and yank. I did spend $25 for a slide hammer from Amazon. This made a big difference as they need a quick jerk to release those points.

Originally Posted by Serenitygal3 View Post
I was so excited about the black tips that I didn't see you got ceramic tinting. Do you see any problems with the dot matrixing?

Congrats on your car!
Thanks. The dots are a problem with any tint unless the shop sands them down. Even then, there's no way to get the tint to be smooth there. I'll have to look and see how they did it. Its my wife's car so she's the one who took it over to the shop. We've had every car done at the same shop for a decade now and only had one issue (my Chrysler....the RF window top edge didn't stick properly and I need to get it over there for them to redo it. Same tint as the BMW).
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