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Originally Posted by jmsent View Post
Come on. Let's not compare apples to oranges. How many people would be making the choice between a 328i A and a 335 MT? If anything, it would be the opposite. Comparing the cars with the same transmission gives you a differential of 165lb, not unsubstantial. And your characterization of the 328 being "a tiny bit more agile" is not what I picked up from the video. If that was the case, I don't think he would have mentioned it.

It's what I like to call "a tradeoff of priorities". It's the reason why BMW makes both models.

OK. But 165lbs is not 200lbs and that's what you were saying more or less.

Fact is, the whole F30 is not as light as BMW wants us to believe, both 328 and 335.....

And Joey Hand is a BMW ambassador 100% pur sang, mentioning the thing YOU(and others) want to hear.No worries. Call it marketing...
Just like the last few months there were ONLY 328s and 320ds for car journalists to testdrive and(almost) no 335i. Just think about it.

Corvette and the 599 have a 'mid front engine' layout so to speak. The best layout/design after a mid mid engine design like a Boxster or many Ferraris have. But I know BMW is a middle of the road luxury brand, not exotic and pricey enough. I'm happy it still is rwd, thank God

EDIT: according to this sheet(somewhere else on this forum) the difference between a 328i A and a 335i A is 60kgs(132.3 lbs)

That's not 165 or 200lbs, neither it is 110lbs but it's not far what I mentioned before...fwiw. Sorry.

And both the MT's have the 165lbs difference. I think the autobox will be more popular atm, but I'm not sure....

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