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Ron Scott

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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
The steering wheel/dash view still shows the trim pieces.
But, if you use the 360 view, clearly is does not show the trim piece.
You can even zoom in to see it closer that it's not there.

It's odd that BMW doesn't show the trim piece in the 360 view, normal or zoomed in, but if you select steering wheel/dash view mode the trim is there.
Very odd.

On my laptop when using google chrome the bmw website doesn't offer the head on dash view, selected by pressing the "steering wheel" icon.
With chrome that icon is not there.
With Firefox all views/icons, 360, side, steering wheel are shown and available..
I just ran 360 with Safari on a 27" iMac and the chrome trim certainly appears to be there. It is somewhat subtle but there is no break between the obvious chrome piece on the downshift and the trim surround. And it's clearly NOT just more vinyl from the steering wheel center. I'm standing by my post above.

My M Sport should be in the garage this week and I'll post then. Build was complete November 6.