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Warning: BMWs are hellaciously expensive to maintain and repair

I remember the excitement and joy when I bought my 2006 330i. After 7 years and 90K miles it is still a joy to drive...except when it is time for maintenance, or God forbid, repairs! I knew M&R was expensive for Euro cars, I was coming from driving a Volvo, but BMWs are on another level of M&R cost. For the first 4 years it wonderful, everything is "free," but after that be prepared to pay 4, 8, 10 times-- or more-- than what you might pay for a "normal" car. Used to paying $30-40 to change a blown headlight? Be prepared to pay ~$700 now. ~$200 for a new windshield...BMW will cost you $750. $30 for a oil change, BMW will be $120. $80 for a brake job? BMW will cost you 5 times as much. I don't mean to be a killjoy, I just wish I had made my purchasing decision with such information so perhaps others buying their first bimmer will appreciate this information. Just thought I'd post this as I go off to pick up my bimmer from the dealership for an overheating problem, new battery, and oil change. Total cost, about $3,200-- but hey, they gave me a 10% discount!

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