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Originally Posted by gc1969 View Post

I have ordered a Canadian spec 328i (luxury, non-navi) and wondered if:

a) the 1-6 shortcut keys can be programmed to anything other than radio stations

Yes. phone #, oil level, etc.

b) I will be able to control an iPod using only the white USB cable that came with iPod (or need to buy some proprietary cable from BMW)

c) if I can order winter tires from a US source (like without TPMS and if folks had opinions on a preferred brand of tire (was leaning towards Michelins) and a preferred sizing (was going to put on either 17 or possibly 16 inch winters). The vehicle will be driven primarily in southern Ontario

Michelin is good but just a bit more expensive. New Michelin for this winter incl. Xice 3 and PA4. 17" would be preferred

d) if people have experienced any hassle from their dealer when asking that the Auto Start Stop is recoded to remember the last setting (so I don't have to tur it off every time i drive the vehicle)

e) whether the vehicle can be recoded to automatically unlock the doors when the car it put into Park - ideally it would be great to have the vehicle open the same doors (either driver or all four doors) which are matched to the specific settings of the remote being used

Anything can be coded these days.

Thanks very much - really appreciate the insight from this forum ...........