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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
Usually it's anything (even OEM stuff) that's fitted after it's left the factory that is classed as a "modification". Royal PITA, but better to be safe than sorry!

I've ended up going with Elephant again for renewal (just under a month away). I phoned them for a new quote yesterday as a new customer, and they said they wouldn't insure the 330d as it had "more than 6" factory-fitted options and/or modifications. So I tried other insurers (LV, whose quote went up by 600 when they were advised of the mods [crazy]), Direct Line were the best quote, but wouldn't cover the car with the mods as my girlfriend has only been driving for 4 years (less than the 5 they require), and your specialist mod places (Adrian Flux, Performance Direct) were ridiculous, over 2k compared with the 800-1100 I've got elsewhere. Also tried another few e.g. Aviva, Swift etc. but they were at the top end of that.

So I've settled on Elephant as they've agreed to match a price I got on Compare the Market from Admiral (obviously sister company), who would cover all the mods and options, think it's because I'm a current customer.

They're absolutely crap, but hopefully won't need to use them, and at least I know everything is covered, and with a decent premium (1050 for myself and my girlfriend, inc. protected NCB as I have 5 years). Still much better than the 1550 I was paying this year for the 135i, and the 123d before that was only 200 cheaper!

Apparently insurance for women is going up as of 20th December, due to the court ruling that insurers can't discriminate against males and charge lower premiums to females, so I've bought it today so I get the quoted price as it stands now.

Hate insurance, most don't know what they're doing (guy at elephant asked what a Xenon light was, as well as some other daft things that even people not involved in car insurance would know), but it's a necessary evil...
Take out Gap Mark with Car2cover, they are cheap and good, and will make up the difference in "new for old" should the worst happen.
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