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Originally Posted by jsl1419
BMW tech said F30 build quality is the worst he ever seen. Here is an example.
Hopefully, It could be an answer for excessive road and wind noise, rattle and creaks...

One of the photo shows BMW changed the location of clip holder in the last moment of production then didn't delete the old one.

1. Very thin sheet metal (compared to MB) with vinyl vapor barrier vs. solid sheet metal with riveted stainless steel inside cover (rubber sealant in between)
2. Recycled material for door trim (filmsy) without insulation vs. Reinforced ABS plastic with 3M thinsulate damping material.
I have always said, BMW does not build cars, rather BMW builds machines that build cars.

There is a distinction.

You don't listen to random tracks of a great production. Rather, you hear the composite results of a beautiful mixdown and mastering of all of the tracks.

Soloing the snare drum track of Rush's Tom Sawyer tells you nothing of its greatness.

Roll the master tape and it blows your mind.

Same here. BMW is not the inside of a door panel; rather, your BMW is the entire car standing for what it is---an intense marvel of engineering built by a machine; yet, augmented to a very limited extent by people.

It is the people part that leads to failures, but if every BMW worked flawlessly to its published specification then we would be left with a dull, monochromatic world with nothing special about it.

Without the big fatsos in this world, we would all be big fatsos.