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I don't see wht all this fuss is abt with the 320i. In Europe & other markets there are even F30 316i & 318i, they spread the range downwards (in fact the real entry level 3er is always the 316 since day one).
The biggest selling 1er in the range is the F20, the E8x 1er is old news (in fact will discontinue soon). Will F30 eat into F20 sales? No way cos they belong to different markets.
Will the 320i cheapen the brand? I don't thinks so, wht it'll do is kill off some of the models from other more volume brands. For example, in Europe volume brands no longer make large saloons cos it's at the same price point as an entry level 3er & ppl choose BMW/MB/Audi over those larger cars. Did it cheapen the brand in Europe? Nobody's complaining. After all, those 1ers/A3s/A-class B-class already existed for many yrs and the range has been spreading down for some time.