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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
So I assume this will lend to the same trend BMW has been up to recently. Introduce a new base model, and hike up the MSRP on the existing models to move them 'upmarket.'

Unfortunately, this will sell because some people only want to have the BMW on the hood.

BMW, you are making a very strong case for me looking elsewhere for my next car. Not that you cared much about me anyway.
Are the existing models' prices going up above the level of inflation? Are you sure?

Why do you care what other people drive? I'd focus more on whether the car makes me happy or not. If anything, it seems like you're the one badge snobbing by worrying that people will have the same marque as you but pay less. It's like the 335-or-bust crowd that turn their noses up at the 328, because they need the most powerful car and need to be "moved to the fastest run group."

I applaud having more drivetrain choices, and BMW should focus on this kind of variety rather than the ugly hunchback (3GT/5GT) and crossover-for-everyone variety that serves to take R&D money from powertrain choices.

180HP, especially with that level of torque, should be plenty for many people.

My only question is, what's the point given the poor fuel economy numbers? I thought 34 highway was what the 328 was rated at?