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Funny how most people who never owned BMW will always tell you not to buy one because they're not reliable, and usually they hear it from their friends that own the car. I've had quite a few in my life and I can tell you this; yes, they maybe more expensive to own, but not always, especially if you are diy type a person. Yes, sometimes something fails, but so do other cars. But the biggest difference is when you drive them, they tend to put a big ass smile on your face. Some older BMWs drive way, way better than some of the newest cars from other brands and most of the time a 10 year old BMW will still feel like a BMW. I have few friends that have driven other brands: Honda/Acura, Toyota, etc and they said they would never switch to other brands because their cars are most reliable, but once they did switch to BMW they all told me that they couldn't believe they wasted all that time driving other cars. Find one that you like, take it for an extensive test drive, make sure that it is what you want and if you want peace of mind get extended warranty. You're gonna love it.