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Originally Posted by KK328 View Post
By the way thank you ouzzo for creating this thread my name is Kareem Kirollos aka kk and I live in tagmo3 el khames

I want to know what you guys think about this my car is silver and I want to change the kidney grills, the mirror caps and add the Rear spoiler what I'm struggling with should I do it Matt or glossy black??

I'm sold on BMS stage 1, did any of you guys think of getting the M exhaust ?? the car can definitely sound more aggressive

You both make coding seem so easy I was never comfortable with technology and messing with the computer of the car still scares me I know it's not actual coding and that we are only changing values but still I feel scared that I will mess something up and won't be able to fix it how was you experience with coding is it as easy at it sounds???
It's a matter of personal opinions whether it's matt or high gloss but for me I always prefer matt I even did the part between windows matt because I'm not used to glossy..
let's do a race and see how much difference stock vs BMS ecu and then you decide maybe you won't feel the difference I never tried my car stock lol
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