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Hey Guys

Im new to this forum, as ive only just taken delivery of my 320d Xdrive (F30 obviously). Just wanted to give you the story that I got about connected drive from the dealership when I received the car

Actually its worth mentioning that they send me a connected drive form to fill out and sign which I did. The dealer then takes this form and send it off somewhere

Upon delivery I was told that Connected Drive servers were down and that there was no timeline for a fix. Being an IT Manager I figured I would search google for such news but nothing.

Called Connected drive customer service, they clarified. The service is not down however there are some new cars with obviously new vins, that are for some reason not activating due to a technical issue on their servers. Currently there is no time line for a fix.

In pressing the dealership and customer services a little I managed to get a little more info. Apparently my car as been escalated to the Product Marketing department. Why? or what has product marketing got to do with connected drive? god only knows. Anyhow, apparently new cars/vins will not activate on the old connected drive system. Again dont know what that means, and that new vins need to be put on the new system for activating. This is what we are waiting for as there is a technical issue with this process.

Again, the info that I got is indeed very vague but I will keep you all updated once I know more.

Happy new year guys.
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