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Originally Posted by LongRuf View Post
So, interesting thing to add...

If you'll recall I mentioned that my build date is 3/15, and that my screen always shows 3G when connected to Connected Drive/Services.

My wagon is at BMW Seattle for a headlight change (thanks warranty!) and EGR fix - I asked them to look at the combox to get a quote to swap to a 4G.

Surprise, surprise - They say I have a 4G combox. How does that work? I live/work in the Seattle area, so it's not for a lack of 4G antennas around town.
I venture a guess that the NBT units in early 2015 only had 3G to display a connection.

Would be interesting to know if any later vehicles with NBT (NOT NBT EVO) says 4G or LTE.

Realoem used to show the older 3G TCB Communication Boxes as well as the 4G TCB Boxes with the dates, which would help determine the change date, but as the 3G units are no longer sold (and the 4G are used for all) those dates have been adjusted as well so no one will purchase a 3G Box at this time.

Also, has you istep ever been updated?
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