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Hello Oahu!

Hello everyone. I've been lurking for the past couple weeks. Long story short, I picked up M3 guys old EBII F30. I'm sure most of you have either followed his build thread or seen it around the island. While I'm not set on which direction I will take it, mods have already begun. I pulled the trigger on the MPPK, M performance interior and am working on getting parts for the M performance steering wheel, electric just because chicks dig the flashing lights...right??

While this is my first BMW, I've been a car guy for a long time. I grew up in SoCal and was into the Honda scene big time. Great motors and I did ever thing I could to turn them into race cars. B series and K series I could build and tune, not great at Hondata but I could make it so it wouldnt blow and I could drive it to a real tuner.

Military moved us to Georgia, where I wanted to be a auto x champ. Picked up a miata with a Jackson racing sc and started at it. Never got famous other than being known as the guy who drives a miata. Got tired of all the cracks and picked up a 2003 cobra. Went full blown loco, kenne bell blower, etc. put down 464 to the wheels on low boost and pump gas. Turn up the boost, add a little race gas at it jumps to the mid 600s.

Another military move brought us to Colorado where the cobras motor blew and I picked up a 2004 sti, of course I ended up modding it. Went the sleeper route and had fun driving around town. Moved to Japan, a modders dream and drove....a forester. Not a sti version, but a base model automatic. Good times.

Now here I am in Hawaii. Drove a 08 R32 for a while until the F30 fell into my lap.

Wow, that was longer than I planned. Started thinking about past cars and just started to babble, my apologies.
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