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Upgraded Halogen lights w/ Pics

After taking delivery of my F30 328i, I was disappointed to see that BMW had provided some very yellow and rather dim lights as stock. While I already immediately regretted not getting Xenons, the crappy lights just added insult to injury. Paying so much to see BMW squander the details made me frown a bit -- it just seemed cheap.

So I decided to 'upgrade' the Halogens with the latest Sylviana's latest gimmick, the zXe's. While most people would call these a bit silly and overpriced I found them to be a substantial upgrade to the junk bulbs included with my 328i.

Note: Installing them was a far more of a hassle than it should have been. BMW's access panel to the headlights is covered in sharp edges and I cut my hand in multiple places while changing the bulbs. Its also nearly impossible to pry bulbs out and install new ones w/o substantially bending the metal clasps. Another cheap move by BMW.

Anyways the lights are pretty cool and as you can see in the attached picture are a perfectly white/blue light. The only problem now is the silly parking lights and DRL are of a substantially different color temp. Any suggestions on how best to replace that goofy parking light? I assume the DRL is no go as well. Guess i'll have to live with two color temps.