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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
I have no time to traipse to the dealer. I've spent enough time on this blooming car. The mountain will have to come to Mohammed.

Yes, they are both blue accent keys. I am not that daft to have accepted any other! Probably been too daft, as I bought a BMW.

I am pretty peeved off at present.
Chill. Its Christmas. Enjoy your car. The newness wears off quickly. It will all get sorted. Small issues. I suspect you'll need to take it in to get the leather sorted.

Regarding the key, its possible they swapped it with another car. Sure its possible the key is bad, but way more likely they swapped it accidentally. What would worry me more is where is the other key to your car. Sometimes dealers get lazy and just order a key replacement. Lovely, but that doesn't answer where the other key is to your car. I would ask them to be clear with you on what's occurring with the key. If they order a replacement be sure to take your car to Service and ask them to remove the bad/lost key from memory so it can never be used to open/start/steal your car.