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Originally Posted by stormlv View Post
I have the M8, but I seldom use it with Connected Drive.

For one, I haven't found the adaptor to just "plug it in" like I would an IPhone, so I have to use a cable plugged in the USB port next to it.

Second, as the previous poster mentioned, there are few apps available. For instance, mine, only shows Facebook & Twitter available - none of which I would use while in the vehicle.

To slap us "Androids" even more, the coolest apps aren't available on android. The Lap Timer and the upcoming GoPro app come to mind.

However the Bluetooth integration works perfectly.
- i'm streaming music and I never had issues with it. The song names appear correctly and you can do "next/prev" via the steering wheel buttons
- office integration also seems to work. I see an email icon whenever I get any messages and can read them in IDrive if I like (again something that I don't really find useful in the car)
- phone/calls and address book all work as well

Hope this helps...
For emails, Do you use the "email" app or the Gmail app? I use Gmail but have not been able to see/sync the inbox from my Galaxy S3