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my oh my... can't get enough
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They look incredible man.

I wish I had your car now.
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Wow that looks amazing.
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Thanks guys!

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Just a note if you still want to get the orange peel out it is possible. But you will need an experienced and highly skilled body shop to do it. I just had mine done and it looks amazing. My cars paint is like glass.
I figured as much. Would love to see some picks of your car without the orange peel.

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The yellow brakes are a very nice contrast to the EBII !

Extremely delicious shots of the car on Waikiki !!!

WOW !!! breathtaking with Diamond Head on the back.
Glad you like the shoot location. Tried to pick an area that would be instantly noticed as Hawaii by everyone.

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What are they telling you as far as eta for the catback?
Short answer nothing.

This has been a long and trying wait and I finally said enough is enough. I placed the order way back at the end of August when reservations first opened up. It is now mid January and nothing. So the vendor and myself decided the best thing to do is put it behind us. As such I'm ordering the full Meisterschaft gtc system along with their wireless remote. So now my exhaust system will comprise of the Challenge catted downpipe and the full Meisterschaft gtc system the rest of the way. It's a bummer about the Challenge situation but I am moving on. Plus the more I listen to the Meisterschaft the more I like it. The fact I can adjust the volume is another plus.

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I would literally wash these wheels every day if I had them..

and would literally cry if I scratched them..

looks incredible man
That is exactly what happened.

I was wiping them everyday that I drove her until I accidentally scratched the clear coat on one of the wheels. I piece of tar with a little rock got stuck to the microfiber and left it's mark in protest. Now I'm too paranoid to give them a daily wipe. I do wash the car once a week though.

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Very nice, very excited to m performance kit, especially the rear diffuser!
Thanks! The kit came in so it should be on the car soon enough. You dropping your car yet?
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