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It depends on your interpretation of the Thin Blue Line flag. Some view it as an, "us vs. them ", message, with the "them" aspect of the message referring to the general public OR the criminals. Others view the flag as meaning law enforcement is the line between chaos/anarchy and relative peace. I personally view it as a bit of both. There's no denying that I have a target on my back whenever I wear my uniform; this year alone I've lost two personal friends. There's also no denying that without police (...and the fear of jail/prison time ), some people would act on their less socially acceptable [and illegal] desires.

As for the topic of city ordinances/municipal codes, that's a can of worms for sure. Knowing them, however, makes me more effective at policing the city that I'm assigned to.
I would never wish harm on any Leo, I just have a problem with the defacing of the flag it's self. If you still see the flag as a US Flag but with a line on it than in accordance with the US Flag Code it is a violation. If you see it as a totally different flag than the US flag, don't wear it on duty.
I suppose you're entitled to that view of it. To deface has a negative, damaging element to it. I look at the TBL/RL flags as more of a redesign or an alternative interpretation; I love the American flag and I am a patriot through and through. Do you talk to the firemen when they display their Red Line flags?