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Originally Posted by cesaroctavio_80 View Post
Thanks for your answer! here are my comments:

If its the steering wheel and you have the ZF trans with shifter paddles, those paddles are very flimsy and hollow the tend to vibrate. I havent tried to take mine apart yet but they definetely vibrate a bit. I honestly dont see an easy fix for this without taking the air bag out or the wheel off, so I just left it alone beacuse it doesn't do it too much on my car but if you listen for it its there. Next time tap on one in the back of it and you will see what Im talking about.

I haven't noticed that, let me try it and let you know the results.
THe cluster area may be the bezel from your heads up display thats a relatively easy fix just wedge foam/tape in there and it makes it tigher and it should go away.
Do you think is necessary to remove cluster? If so how can i do it?

THe dash nav/non nav screen tends to flex and bind making a creak sound. Mine does not do it but I have read a ton of people on here complaining about it.
Mine does, but it already fixed it
Thanks a lot again! Have a nice day
I already made testing with shifter paddles, but the rattle is not coming from there I think is comming probably from this areas, any clues?
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