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To be fair the LFA is a brilliant machine, despite coming from a company known to make boring cars.

I consider the LFA on its own terms. It's an amazing machine with IIRC the 6th fastest nurburgring time on earth and the 3rd fastest street legal nurburgring time behind the Viper SRT10-ACR and the Porsche 911 Spyder (note: there's a fake entry of 7:11 for a ZR1 on fastlaps; this entry isn't legitimate).

Here's the kicker, though. The LFA has 560 HP. The 918 spyder has 795 horsepower, and yet only lapped the nurburgring .64 seconds faster than the LFA. 64/100ths of a second.

The SRT10 has 600 HP and lapped the ring 2 seconds faster (this comparison is a lot closer, although it still has a 40 HP advantage over the LFA).

The point is, the fact that the LFA can keep up with the 918 spyder with such a horsepower deficit is nothing short of amazing. It speaks volumes about that chassis and the overall tossability of the car around curves. The LFA is the epitome of a driver's car. Being able to do more with less.

If the LFA had the horsepower of a 918 spyder, it would blow it out of the water.

It's true that both the SRT10 and 911 are cheaper than the LFA, but honestly at half the price point of the LFA money starts to matter very little. It's not as though someone who can afford a $200,000 car can't afford a $400,000 car.

These are people with liquid net worths well north of $25M (USD). $200k vs $400k is immaterial to them, and so I don't really buy the "price" argument. The people who tend to whine about prices are the ones who can't afford these cars and therefore are not part of the target market.