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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
That's exactly what I said in Post #4.

To complete my thought, BMW Assist with enhanced BT and USB is $650.

Tech Pkg is $3100

Nav with Enhanced BT and USB is $2800.

Huge difference between $650 and $2800 or $3100.

I'm only saying to get Enhanced BT/USB because nearly every base car I've seen at least has this option (except for service loaners). When the vast majority of cars have an option it becomes expected by those who look at used cars. If he drives the car for 4 years, he's not going to get even close to $2000 more for it because its got Nav. What will surely be outdated Nav by then.

Lets not quibble over $650. OP will decide what he needs.
That's why I ended my post with it's OP's decision to make.

BTW, I appreciate all your research and posts regarding the updated steering rack and other things. Quite informative stuff.
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