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Originally Posted by Rioter View Post
Nice write up. Good job buddy
Thank You

Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
Good Job !!

the last two views shows a lot of pipes ??! looks kinda weird... i thought it would be just one or two... but three?

a great DYI if i had $900 to spare... but i am getting married.
Congrats on the marriage, I am getting married next year as well. She got a fat ring I got a F30 lol jk. No I set money aside for the exhaust specifically.

As for the 3 piece piping, I know it looks strange. What they did was add those big chrome tips with the M logo, and instead of them being sort of tapered to fit the muffler pipes they used a smaller pipe welded the tips on it, and then slipped that on the muffler tips and then welded that. Its a bit strange but whatever saves them money I guess.

Originally Posted by riM3 View Post
Well done... I can't thank folks (like you) who take the time to put these DIYs together, enough!

I enjoy it. I love working on cars and staying busy in the garage. Plus it helps everyone else on here.

Originally Posted by EdwinF10 View Post
Epic DIY
That's why we love bimmerpost.
Why thank you sir for the kind words.

Originally Posted by Jason View Post
He posted them in another thread previously:

I've also added them to the first post above.
Thanks for putting up the thread on the front page. I posted this DIY a few months ago, I didnt really think anyone cared or wanted to know how to do it. Plus everybody is way more interested in coding so most regular DIY's get overshadowed by the cooler stuff
Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Nice how to. Used bailing wire, but no spit
No spit just good old wire. It's the only thing that works for now, untill someone comes up with something different (I have something in the works stay tuned)

Originally Posted by f30fanboy View Post
Good job, thanks for sharing. We need more DIY posts.
F30 community is still fairly new, but theres a lot of good DIY's on there already. I have quite a few myslef. Squeak and rattle fixes, fascia removal, radar detector hardwire. Im planning a ton more DIY's in the spring when the weather gets nicer. Planning a laser jammer DIY. Thats should be fun.
Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
Im curious as to how the f30 with M exhaust sounds compared to the e9x with performance exhaust.
Anyone heard both??
I Heard the n54 is way louder and more aggressive, but thats just hearsay. As for the e9x N55 no clue. Just the clips on youtube for aftermarket exhaust.

Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
you need to do DIY for a living! bitchen!!!!
I do do it for a living, well sort of. Im automotive manufacturing. Trying to take this certified electrical course venturing into new things. But getting a free course out of my company is like pulling teeth.
FBO-PS1 and stuff