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Most of that fluff is part of a $1700 option package. And yeah, the PDK is expensive. But you're still not going to get near $100k just putting that stuff on. Not even $90k.

And why pay for both Apple/Android and Nav? I like that Porsche lets you leave off the overpriced nav.

Picking nits, but Lane Change is still an option on the Launch Edition. Fact is that the real delta is under $30k. Still a humorous 50+% premium, but no where near the 100% that you started with.
That "$1700 option package" is actually $1970 and it requires the sports seats with memory for $3030 so it's a total of $5000. Now you're already at $89k. Add everything else on the list and you'll be at $100k. You obviously aren't very well versed in Porsche options.
I'm familiar with their options and their discounting. You keep trying to play one side of the argument. You can add each of those options piecemeal and still save from the total option package.

I've conceded that the Cayman will be more expensive, no one's arguing that. But spending $100k on a non GT4 Cayman is just silly. And of course that's sticker price, which again unrealistic. We'll see what Supra pricing does, but you're definitely not getting a Launch Edition for sticker or even close to it. And we don't know individual option prices to know if they're discounting the LE package.