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Originally Posted by fireline43 View Post
Ok, so I searched around a bit on the ED and I have questions. I have traveled to different countries around the world (portugal, romania, morrocco,inda, and most of south america). Out of all those countries portugal was the only one I felt comfortable in. I'm talking in terms like not everyone was trying to scam me or beg for money. So of course my questions are:
-how are the countries that you visit doing ED in terms of friendly people?
-How is the english speaking in those areas?
-how is it with currency, will you need mostly cash/euros?
-with the driving around, is it crazy? Like india and south america i thought i was going to die the whole taxi rides. No one follows rules.

I travel for work, but I have honestly gotten a bad taste in my mouth from overseas travel. Every time I have asked someone a question in another country, it's like "let's try to scam this guy" and i can never get any information if I need it. maybe I'm just a poor traveler and need some lessons, so that's why i'm here!. I've looked at peoples pictures of their ED and was amazed and it looked so enjoyable, so i want to know the little details.
in other notes, I am traveling to lithaunia in 2 weeks.

Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria?

You don't know if these are modern, developed countries?

If you're a tourist going to tourist sites, people will try to make money off you no matter where you's what they do. Beggars go to the main populated sites, just like in any other major city in the entire world. Scam-wise, hard to say...depends on what you consider a scam.

You've looked at people's ED pictures, what did it look like to you? I've never seen single ED pic that looked anything like the roads in India.

But whether you feel like you're being scammed or not, the real question is, do you care about seeing the world? I want to see places, so I just go. I can deal with the fact that there are differences because I understand that the stuff people are OK with in other countries is sometimes different from what I am OK with in my country. But I'm in their country, so it is what it is.

Regardless, if you're talking about places like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, I mean....well, whatever...