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ONEighty - F30 LED Ring Development Stage 2

Welcome to stage 2 guys.

We need your input on where we take this development next. We're currently in a stage where the LED boards are designed, created, and ready to be installed.

It came down to 2 final designs that we, and the people liked most.

We'll call it Style-1 & Style-2

Here's a photo of the bare rings (without the plastic casing) installed in the headlight.



We can go ahead and sell the rings in this form, without the casings.

Here is the issue we're facing... The manufacturing aspect, fitment, design and testing of the casings will not be fully complete and ready to sell for at least another 4 months. When they are fully designed and ready to be mass produced we need to test them to confirm they can handle the temperatures that they will be exposed to (sun rays, xenon kits, circulating heat...etc).

We know you guys are eager to upgrade your lights so we are going to start a pre-order on just the basic LED rings without the casings, keep in mind that once the casing are ready everyone who purchased our rings can upgrade to them.

We are not trying to create the typical aftermarket ring design that's been around for nearly a decade, we want to manufacture a product that will make the headlights seem as if they came that way from the factory. The idea, as mentioned in the original prototype thread was to use the hexagon style rings used in the new BMW LED headlights, or even the 4-Series prototype.

Here is a photoshop to what we invision it to look like, compared to the sourced design from BMW.

Style-1 Casing - Imitating the LCI LED Headlights w/ full sides

Will look similar to these rings:

And also similar to the original design we posted in the prototype thread:

Style-2 Casing - Imitating the 4-Series Concept Half Ring w/ an extension on the inner ring.

Similar to this:

This is where we currently stand.

At the moment, the cost of the rings will MSRP at $275. We are looking to start a group pre-order at a discounted rate of $225. We will also be offering paint work inside the headlight along with Bi-Xenon Projector Retro-Fits. We highly recommend these rings are installed in house at ONEighty or selected shops that we will announce.

Installation of these rings will be $400, which will make a total of $625 with a pre-order.

Please cast your vote for your favorite design, and start a list for whoever is interested in participating in the group buy.

To make the pre-order please contact us at Pre-Orders will be available until July 7th Sunday for the reduced price

Thank You

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