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Installed my JB4/S2 BETA this weekend and ayou'll love it when you get it. Can't post much else other than that I'm very pleased with the results so far over S1 (I'm an electric wastegate N20 btw).

The JB4/S2 upgrade process was really straight-forward and the install guide was perfect. However, I ran into trouble with the FlexFuel wires once installed, and I've now reverted back to running the JB4/S2 without them. Part of me thinks that the issues I ran into were related to the fact I was using a FlexFuel install guide from the N55.

Is anyone running these FlexFuel wires successfully on an N20 with the JB4/S2 BETA yet?
If so, is there any way we can get a few demonstrative pics of the FlexFuel setup on an N20/N26, as well as the correct settings we should have in the JB4 interface? I believe my install was correct and I had the open loop setting at 60 per the N55 install guide, so thought that I'd check to see if anyone else here could shed some light on their JB4 FlexFuel setup.