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nicely done

That certainly is ambitious and well done. Escort detectors are awesome. I have that escort detector and the cordless one too. I like the corded one better, because of the constant lit display, but also hate the coiled up cord running down the dash. The down side to the cordless one is that it is heavy, won't hang on its window mount very well, and you have to change the batteries every 2-3 weeks.

The one tip I have, which may seem foolish and much, much lazier than yours, ... is to put the detector right on the dash with velcro. No bounce or rattle and lower profile without the window mount. Still works fine.

I am wondering though, Since I won't have my f30 for another few weeks I haven't figured out where to put the detector yet. It looks like the new "pseudo-pop-up" nav screen is right where I would normally attach it.