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Originally Posted by WW335 View Post
The 07-10 e92 bumper was perfect!.. now its just...awful. The e92 LCI was a step in the wrong direction and the F30 is as well (M-sport not included). This will be no different. Its almost trying to be Audi-like.
Don't assume yet. You only saw the grille. You have not seen the headlights or even the whole bumper uncovered. In other words, you have not seen the whole front end yet. Once you have seen the whole front end uncovered, that's where you make your verdict.

It's like me showing a particular person's cleavage to you. You get hyped and excited trying to see the pretty face behind that cleavage. In the end, you find out it's a guys bottom...

Hellaflush? All I could say is "effyo'flush","flushnuff", and Instead of 'illest', I'm calling it "faillest". It's just form over function nowadays...
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