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Noobie Question about brakes and tracking the car

Hello Everybody. I own a 2016 340ix with the m sport package and track package (blue brakes). The car has about 18k miles half of which is consists of some pretty hard back road driving on the original pads and rotors. I was going to order a fresh set of pads and high temp oil fluid for a two day track event. ( first time tracking this car ). Anyway, before I did this I wanted to see if I could get new brakes from BMW. They said the brakes were within spec ): .... But now that I am looking at the Tech sheet it seem that the rotors may be pretty worn down too. Im looking for an opinion if I should 1. just go ahead and order the new pads and brake fluid or 2. just use the brakes stock that are on the car now or 3. not track the car b/c I dont feel like spending 4k on car still under maintenance and warranty. Thanks! - the tech notes are as follows:

LF rotor is at 24.56mm RF rotor is at 24.78mm - min spec of 22.4
Front brake pads are at 7mm, min spec of 3.7mm

RR rotor is at 20.46mm LR is at 20.53mm with a min spec of 18mm
Rear pads are at 5mm with a min spec of 3.7 mm

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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