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I had this exact problem in my F30. You might have to replace not only the amp but the ASD module as well. You'll need both for the sound to work, thanks to BMW's design even with a fully working amp, if you've not got a working ASD, you'll still get no audio (I don't know if the bypass also works). I opened both up when it happened to my car & dried them out extensively and even did a final wipe down with an anti-static cloth & 90% alcohol but they never came back. Which, was broken, I don't know. TBH I found out months later that a BMW scanner higher level than bimmercode (ISTA+, ESYS, FSC Tools, etc) could have told me which component was actually dead. I'm not sure about the ASD because it passes through the amp and if that's dead would it block signals to the ASD as well? Anyway, I swapped the amp 1st, then the ASD later before my audio came back. Luckily there's no re-coding necessary. Well, aside the ASD if you get a model from a non-F34 in your case. I got mine from an F10 M5 so before I reprogrammed it back to F30, I had (fake) V8 noises whenever I put my foot down.

While the international mailing system made sure I taking the scenic route in sorting out my amp & ASD, it gave me time to address the leaks. I filled up a spare gallon with water & food coloring opposite to my car color. Then I removed as much of the interior trim blocking views to both my battery & amp wells. I poured while I had someone look and I even managed to see a few leaks myself. In my F30's case I could do it with the boot open so I could pour right alongside the water runoff channels around the boot lid and brake lights. Turns out it was shoddy patch work from a rear end collision, so after much squeezing around and 2 gallons of water, I used a tube of sealant to block all leaks. Tested with the last of the gallon & subsequent heavy rains and by the the time my replacement amp & ASD came in, I was watertight.

Hope this helps you out. It took me nearly a year to clear this issue, I hope yours is much quicker & smoother.
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