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Originally Posted by Hniel View Post
auto, just feels faster than my previous 2010 335 m sport manual. I wondered at first about it being under powered but it's all I can imagine unless tracking the car. Breaks tires loose too easily and is just a ball. Thought I'd miss the 2010, which I did at first because of manual and I loved the look of the e92, not this has me just saying, what a perfect car. You don't more power. btw, the m sport brake pkg plus the 19's add a lot. JMO. Hniel
I've driven 3 335i Sport F30s w/auto (in Sport mode) and not a single one felt faster than my E90 335i auto with the N54. Its close, but something about the N54 (and probably the E90 chassis) just seems better to me. Maybe my N54 is better than average?

As I wait for the F30 I have on order I continue to weigh my options...