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The infamous crayon smell - Solution!

Hey all, I've got a 2014 with 46k miles and the crayon smell has been present since I bought it at 36k miles. It especially comes out when I'm driving with the windows down or sun roof open.

SO, I've tried everything in the book to fix it and I've finally found something that has made a major difference.

The dealership sells these odor freshener canisters that when you depress the button it releases the gas for ~2 minutes.

The instructions said to open the windows after 2 minutes to let it air out for 5 minutes... but I just kept everything closed for a couple of hours. Also I kept the air on recirculate at 84 degrees for about 5 minutes.

It's day 3 and I haven't smelled the crayons yet. The canister was $15 at my dealership, and I mean... even if this isnt a permanent fix... I'm fine spending $15 every six months or year if that means I got rid of the crayons.

I just found there's also other brands on amazon for a bit cheaper, so I may try those... but for now, the dealership one worked great! (it has a spearmint scent)

Give it a shot if you've got $15 to blow!