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Exclamation Planning to buyout 2018 BMW 340i. Lease ending in July. Next steps?

Hi All,

I have a 2018 BMW 340i (shadow sport edition, mediterranean blue) lease, which is going to end in July. It's currently at 22k miles.
Lease residual is ~$34k.

So far, there have been no issues with the car, and I really like it. I would rather not get into another lease/new car buying process right now. I plan on keeping the car as long as possible.
Last year, I saw many people getting anywhere between $3k-$5k customer rebates by BMWFS during the end of their lease. So far, I have not seen anything while logging into my BMWFS amount and checking the payoff documents.

1. Can I extend the payoff process by 2-3 months?

2. Has anyone got any rebates this year? Should I contact BMWFS about it right now?

3. Should I totally bypass the dealer and get financing from BMWFS? Or try local credit union? I am planning to make at-least $15k downpayment towards the car.

4. What's the best approach for an extended warranty? Shop around local BMW dealers?

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