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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
OMG ... here we go again.... hold on to that hope guys ...

North American F30's WILL NOT HAVE THE NEW NAV!!! LET IT GO! Don't you think someone in marketing at some point would have let the dealers know so that they have something "new" to leverage to sell more cars???? The cars have already been produced, and you're still hoping that BMW is keeping this one a secret (some big conspiracy), so that new owners receive a surprise gift for Christmas????
I wouldn't expect that BMW marketing would feel compelled to tout this feature upgrade. After all, there is a large inventory of inventory on the dealer lots that does not have the new nav, and anything BMW does to talk up the new nav would be bad for current business.

I don't know how long it takes for most dealers to turn over the majority of their inventory, but I would have to guess at least two months. That means BMW and their dealers wouldn't have incentive to talk up this upgrade until sometime after February, by which point the majority of their inventory would feature the upgraded nav.

I agree with the OP, all hope is not lost, although I also agree with you that based on the information we have so far it's definitely not likely that we'll see an upgrade this model year.